​ ~Valentines With Virgins~

🎭 ~Virgin IMVU Performing Artists~ 🎭

 Virgins' Summer Show Series  2024


Shows Schedule:
Shows every other Week
Alternating Mondays and Wednesdays
(Cast arrives 30 minutes before curtain time)

June 10th Monday, 9:30pm East
June 26th Wednesday, 8:00pm East
July 8th Monday, 9:30pm East
July 24th Wednesday, 8:00pm East
August 5th Monday, 9:30pm East
August 21st Wednesday, 8:00pm East
September 2nd Monday, 9:30pm East
September 18th Wednesday, 8:00pm East

All Shows:
Main Theater: Hollywood Phoenix
If the room is full, message a Cast Member or go to Usher room for invites:

Usher Room: Virgin Performing Arts

(Times and locations are subject to change)


GA Show (suitable for all adults)
AP Show (some sexy outfits, adult humor)
"XP" Super Sexy Show (very sexy outfits, naughty performances, very adult humor)
For Summer Series, Show Rating announced at Curtain Call

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